Hot Water Services

HOT WATER UNITS The Plumbing Place provide 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The team at The Plumbing Place install various hot water units:

Hot Shower

  • Mains pressure gas storage hot water units
  • Mains pressure electric storage hot water units
  • Installation of hot water units
  • High flow electric hot water units
  • Solar hot water units with gas & electric booster units

Change over Hot Water Services

Storage (Labor included)* Conditions apply

  • VULCAN 135 4 star –  incl GST
  • VULCAN 170 4 star –  incl GST
  • AQUAMAX 390 5 star –  incl GST   
  • RHEEM STELLAR 330 stainless steel 5 star –  incl GST 
  • RHEEM STELLAR 330 5 star-  incl GST 
  • RHEEM STELLAR 360 5 star –  incl GST 

Gas Continuous flow (Labor included)* Conditions apply

  • Rheem 12 6 star –  incl GST
  • Rheem 16 Metro 6 star –  incl GST 
  • Bosch 21e 5.6 star – Incl GST
  • Rheem 24 MetroPlus 6 star –  Incl GST
  • Chromagen 26 5.8 star –  Incl GST
  • Rinnai 26 6 star – Incl GST 
  • Rheem 27 6 star –  Incl GST

**Notes for Monthly specials 

  1. Monthly specials installs are available for weekdays in Metropolitan Melbourne. Weekend work will incur a surcharge.
  2. Supply and installation of a brand new unit with full manufacturers warranty.
  3. Changeover of existing external gas hot water system in the same location.
  4. Connection to hot, cold and gas points in the same location.
  5. The cost of additional works is not included. If the unit needs to be relocated due to non compliance or the existing gas line needs upgrading a quote prior to commencement will be provided for approval.
  6. An electrical power point and electrical safety switch for continuous flow hot water units are required. If they are not available there will be an additional cost to install them.
  7. Price includes using the existing valves. Non compliant or incorrect valves will need to be replaced at an additional cost.
  8. All jobs will be issued with a compliance certificate at an additional cost of $55.00


Solar1Bosch Manifold


WATER SERVICE RENEWAL Poor water pressure caused by corroded water pipes. The Plumbing Place Upgrade water supply from water meter and throughout the house will increase your water pressure.